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September 26, 2009


It's been raining "HARD" since last night. Classes was suspended. Yes K supposedly has Saturday classes. And they were scheduled to have an exam (midterm) today. But they announced it really late as usual...we all got up very very early. And when it rains it really pours... And this is expected in a country like mine. Beside the fact that were near a creek... Our Street tho is the last place that gets flooded in the area...I am praying it doesn't go INSIDE the house...but its up on our gateway so there's that possibility Id be swimming inside the house soon....waaaaaaaaaaa!

Im pretty sure its worst on other areas... I hope the government is prepared to send HELP and RELIEF for those who were highly affected. What's going on in our world...so many calamities bugging our country....not just with mine but heard of other countries not doing really good as well...