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April 30, 2011

Bulawan Floating Restaurant... Revisited

When: April 23,2011
Event: Black Saturday
Where: Baras, Rizal

T'was a sunny morning. Everyone got up early. I invited  my beloved  sister Jackie to come with us for a change. So the whole V family was present, the maid and her son, my sister and her two kids, me , K and Mama. We couldnt fit in on our 4x4 mitsubishi pajero so we had to bring another car for this travel. The same time we were reminded its ripe to get a family Van. It would be economical that way considering the weekly oil price hike. And using both cars would double our consumption. Not that we go out on a regular basis..but also the fact that this family will soon get bigger.

We were suppose to go to Tagaytay.... but we didnt push our luck since the volcano there was giving out signs of eruptions. So the best bet that was close is Rizal area.We wanted to visit some place we havent been to... so we contacted a friend who checked in at Punta Fabian...the place  has an infinity pool...but we didnt have  reservation and even their dining area were fully booked...so off we go to our favorite place... Bulawan's Floating Restaurant. They still serve the best Filipino foods. Everything is fresh! They have their own vegetable garden and fish pond. In short we had a great time plus we enjoyed our meal.

Here are some photos Id like to share.

Along the way back home we saw watermelon vendors... bought 4 at 50 pesos each.. gosh they were so sweet! Really perfect for the summer heat... very refreshing fruit snack.

Cant wait to have another day like this.