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May 3, 2012

I got reunited with my High School BFF

Labor day
May 1,2012


One of the Best days of my life! Facebook has done it again! The two of my best-est friends way back in High School were here! Cecil and Marissa, Marissa and Cecil (lmao!)

When was the last time the three of us sat down together and talk?? Well, let me do some memory check....
Graduation day!

After that, it's either just me and Cecil,  me and Marissa or only Marissa and Cecil. Whoever was not around, we asked each other if we had some news of the one that's absent. And would update each other about our lives. I guess that's what real friends do. The concern and the caring thought for a friend remains. No matter how long they have been missing in action.

After a year of merely chatting on Facebook Messenger, talking for a few minutes on cellphone and text-ing we managed to try to schedule, plan,cancel and reschedule this meet ups again ...Now, It finally happened. I just couldn't believe it. That they were in front of me.

 So today, is the day for reminiscing. OMG! these ladies can talk for hours! hehehhehe ... I needed to wait for my turn to speak and when I got my chance they would butt in and left me all ears again. hehehe I dont mind ... I just love their company.

Marissa transformed into a clown. I said this not to belittle her or mean it in a bad way, the truth of the matter is I said this  because she made us laugh with her stories and her tactless comeback is funnier!. I love her sense of humor. The lady knows how to make fun of herself  and still exude this oozing appeal that I think everyone will love.

Cecil, is the serious type. Very motherly and conservative. Especially with regards to her daughters, very protective. I sense how a good mother she has become. She's still the same soft spoken type of a lady. And just like me she knows how to appreciate when one tries and makes her laugh.

  Both has children of their own. And with what I had observed, I think the  kids grew up well mannered and very loving.

The plan for today was to go for a swim at the Clubhouse pool at 3 PM.

 The 3 of us (Cecil, Marissa and Me!) got busy at my Kitchen. We prepared our food and stuff. While the kids were waiting, I let them use my laptop and the much younger ones watched cartoons. We had breakfast, then lunch and then we went swimming. Here's some of the snapshots!

Few minutes from arrival



no fuss

no makeups! :P



Our kids!

The day seemed short and goodbye's wasn't easy.  But all things must come to an end. And in my heart there is hope that one day we will have one more day, just like this. All I know is that the three of us will remain to be best of friends... till we're old and gray....  That's a promise we made to each other today.

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