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August 3, 2013

Just DEAL with it!

People always say MOVE ON.... Start again. And then, they will remind you of their pasts (men/women,places they used to hang out, people who came in and out of their lives)  the foolish things they did and enjoyed, and most of those memories doesn't even include you. And they brag on how much FUN they had. Ain't that crazy? 
Cuz the minute they started reminiscing their past, you can't help but remember your own past with them, the JOY and also your PAIN in the process. The years you spent with them and how your life has changed since then... You cannot just erase what has been done...that said I guess to MOVE ON right away is not a very good advice (my opinion) but - a tougher version of it and it's called  "JUST DEAL WITH IT!"  

ACCEPTANCE is what you do when things become impossible to be done your way. But I maybe wrong... 

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