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June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson RIP - HIs Music and Greatness will always be Remembered

I woke up today with a shocking news on CNN... One of my favorite Pop artist, Michael Jackson, at 50, died of cardiac arrest. An Icon that has changed the way we appreciate music. The guy who made a great name for himself. The KING OF POP and has a major influence over the younger generations. May your soul rest in peace. I love you Michael! (sob) Thank you for the music.

 Michael left us all an inheritance so great that all of us don't have to fight over it.... He made those songs for all of us to hear.... his music will live on. I even taught my nephew one of the song Michael sang when he was on Jackson 5.  I love you MJ!

Condolence to Michael Jackson's family!

June 24, 2009

What you dont know wont hurt you....

When you suspects that your husband or boyfriend is cheating on you, should you dig for more infos? YES. But be ready for the worst. Sometimes it is better to know how weak they are. But it can also lead to your own depression. What you don't know wont hurt you right? Until when will you act as blind? Well, it really depends on you. Ask yourself. Do you want to part ways if you find out he is womanizing? Do you think you can live without a man beside you? Do you think he's just being flirty but doesn't take those girls seriously? I don't wanna know for sure. I'll give the burden to him. Let his conscience kill him slowly. I would still do my duties and obligations in the house. Act as if I don't know anything about his extra curricular activities or accept the fact that men are men.