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August 30, 2014

An afternoon with my long time online friend- Yneng

August 29,2014

Weather today was cold and rain started pouring in at approximately 3 PM. Well it wasn't a surprise because it's the rainy season. I'm just glad there's no storm signal and whatsoever. 
I should call it a hectic day because I'll be meeting up with 3 equally important people...

 Delivering Certificates as ordered by our Club President at 12:30 , there AdSec Buen was waiting for me...I had to take the LRT 2 to get there on time. 
THEN, I picked up the caps and lanyards at 1 PM to be delivered at 4:30 PM, meeting place- Robinsons Galeria. Yhang will be there to meet me.

Through all these, My house help Emily assisted me. I'm glad she agreed. 

My hubby drives for me. Things I love about him is He actually goes over protective. Every time I go to Manila he would drive for me from our house to Santolan Station. Depending on how long it would take me... If it will only be for an hour he will wait for me to come back. Exactly what happened today. 

THEN, the highlights of today is meeting up with my friend who just came from Iran. I chose Iceberg at Robinsons Galeria because I am craving for Banana Split!  Hubby took me there and then we agreed that he will fetch me again after his meeting with an associate, which will not take that long. 

Back to Yneng... My friend from Iran, This is the 2nd time we EB (eyeball). I asked her if we can just spend time at Robinsons Galeria at 2:00 PM so I don't have to rush to go meet my other friend at 4:30. The original plan was at SM Megamall. 
I arrived at Iceberg 10 minutes earlier than her. While waiting I fixed my hair, blotted out oils on my face using Mary Kay oil blotter sheets. 

THEN, she came. I got up from where I sat and hugged her real tight. I am so happy to finally see her. 
She sat next to me, that pretty face. Lively and full of jokes she carries with her. I am practically laughing at every stories. 
I motioned the waiter to come and we ordered super sized halo halo for Yneng and Banana Split for me. 

While waiting I remembered her asking if I'm okay. I said Yes. That I am happy. 
It's been a long time since a friend actually asked me. My fault I guess. I never liked anyone meddling with me. I don't meddle with anyone. But she isn't just anyone... She is a friend who understand, listen, gives practical advice and let you decide. 

THEN, she handed out a small token of friendship, something she bought for me. I can't wait to finally wear it. I bet I'll look sexy in it. :))

THEN, I told her after I quickly handover my deliveries to my other friend, we'll go to SURGILIGHT AESTHETICS where I had an appointment for the two of us. I wanna let her experience things I love to do. Pampering my skin is just one of them. Gone are the days when I neglect myself.

So we walked out at Iceberg after paying the bill, There we saw Yhang and her son, I introduced her with Yneng and handed her orders. It happened so fast. Wish we could also have coffee together. But she needed to go back home because her boss will bring the merchandise abroad and her driver will pick it up at Yhang's place.

Yneng and I went down at the 3rd floor where the clinic was located. Looking at the time it was 4:45, 15 minutes late for our appointment.   So we had a Diamond Peel session. It took us 30 mins. After the session, our skin is flushed red and smooth to touch... I'm coming back after 2 weeks. More photo ops took place. I am forced to use just my mobile phone camera, I forgot my iPAD at the car. While Yneng's phone cam is running out of battery. 

Yneng and I parted ways.... She'll be riding a bus and I will be fetched by hubby at the landing area of Robinsons Galeria. It's almost 6 PM. I had to head back home and prepare dinner. 
One thing is sure. I will never forget this day. That feeling. I'm lucky to have a friend who may live a thousand miles away but never felt that way. I'm keeping her! 

August 20, 2014

I kinda like my life now

Why I said so? What kind of life I had before? What makes life now so special?

Prior to year 2010, it was just about juggling work from home...stuff that a wife, a mother and a thriving business woman does.  I manage the house, take care of son, my husband,my business ( food business). Once in a while I had to mind my parents and siblings and their children. 

From 2007- present, My favorite source of entertainment and learning has always been "the net" .  From it I learned to create pages, and socialize via Multiply, Yahoo 360, Blogspot, Friendster and I took the opportunity to do online business. I made lots of "friends" locally and abroad. Im like a social butterfly. I read thousands of post from these friends and learned from them. We designed our own pages. Its from Multiply and Blogger that I learned to tweak CSS. There's some sort of happiness I felt there. 
I stopped. Just like that. I go back when I am not busy with more important matters called "Real Life". 

I don't go out with friends like I used to when I was single. In between those years I missed them. I missed my old life. The young, vibrant, strong willed self. 

I started to get back to an old business- supplying corporate and promotional items after my RTW business didnt do well.  I learned about this way back 2000. My ex live- in partner  for 17 years from 1997 and now officially my wedded husband (5 months since Dec. 30th, 2015)  opened the said business and I learned from it. But since I do not have  the full knowledge and training to do sales, i get frustrated easily before. My experiences is my sole teacher. I supply Corporate gifts and promotional Items to small and large companies and organizations. Of course my hubby teaches me as well. But I guess my heart just wasnt there yet.

 I learned to design, photoshop, layout, and had to learn by myself by researching on line. Since I got so into it, and loved every minute of it, learning isn't that hard. I discovered myself once more. I thought my life belongs to the stage, the lights, the loud instruments and will only hear my singing voice... A life long forgotten. I was wrong. 

So while I do my business I felt it was time to spread my wings.... And learn how to fly.
 I couldn't pass the opportunity of joining an organization that aims to End Polio, like totally! 
An organization most people have the notion of "for the Rich, the retired, the old " ... 
Some thought It was service and surveillance since my hubby is the first one to join. Will tell you more about it real soon. . .