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March 29, 2011

Japan's Devastation- Felt like its "the end of the world".

A lot of people were asking me about my views on the recent situation of Japan. Normally, I wouldn't react on something or issues I wasn't well informed about or no personal involvement whatsoever...
          I won't even start to argue about  the Nuclear Reactor plant since its a highly technical issue. I supposed Japan knows what they are doing and have taken steps to make their Nuclear Plant safe. Tho' with what happened (tsunami and  earthquake) they shouldn't stop improving and continue on trying to find ways if not totally eliminating disastrous incident to make their plant safer. A country as advanced as theirs, surely they can! 
          But in terms of "natural calamities" I don't think any country even how much advance they are can be disaster proof. Nope. For sure there will be casualties and damage to properties. And the last thing we can do is PRAY.
All I can do is express my grief to all the victims and my deepest sympathy to the families that were left behind.  My prayers are with you until now...
         If you are a survivor, have faith and be strong to face the abrupt change. Pick up the pieces... and learn to accept the things you cannot change. Don't be afraid to start over. I know its a humbling experience but let others show they care and accept the help being offered. And in the mids of all these know that God will provide. Whatever he took away if you showed your loyalty and faith... he will shower you ten-folds of those graces. Continue praying and don't lose hope.
And when you are back on track, you might wanna try getting involved in supporting any organization that advocates the care for our environment. I support one called


March 26, 2011

Talk Of The Town-Karen Hawkins

I just finished reading this book yesterday. I think its the kind of story I wouldn't hesitate on reading again especially on those days where my cable would totally shut down one morning. Or maybe when internet connection was cut off because of non-payment :P.  The story is cute. A little predictable, yes. But its entertaining. Reminds me of the life I had in the province. A place where you just cant hide anything. Where everyone knows who and where you are from. Where it felt like all eyes are on you when you passes by. And then you just knew they were talking about all the ugliness they sees in you. Even the way you fix your hair or the way you mis pronounced a word. Isn't that how being conscious of oneself all started? At least its when mine does. It felt like every time you go back to that old place you had to look good. That you had to stage such a big show for these old folks that never ran out of bad things to say. I wonder if the case now is still the same. In my last visit its really hard to tell as I didn't stay quite long enough to be able to read people's minds... or from how they act. Yup this lady is quite a mind and action reader. :P
But how can I not tell... its so easy. You just need to look in their eyes and they didn't need to say a word. Remember: Eyes are windows of the soul.
So all those envious, angry, jealous feelings... no matter how hard you try to hide it... its gonna show.

Going back to the book by Karen Hawkins....Talk of the Town's " Roxie" felt like me. The kind of a person where you go crazy and rebellious when you found out your love interest has cheated on you. I may not try the tattoo thing but the transformation from jet-black hair to blond i just might do. And even go back from totally conservative and classic dresser to super minis and plunging necklines as if I have something to flaunt. :P

I think Roxie's character is totally HOT. Exudes sensuality and wit. She grew up the kind who were firm and proper. But a divorce has changed all that.
So does Nick! The bad boy turned GOOD, once laid back and adventurous and the kind you wouldn't think would take any girl seriously or would be able to stand up firm and be responsible and now that he became a cop in that little town he grew up in, nobody expected he would be good at it and that his personality has changed a lot. A cop whose dedicated to his job. A cop who doesnt twist the law. And the sight of Roxie's rebellious character when they meet up again just made them a perfect example of opposite attraction. Nick doesn't want to have anything to do with her (that's what his mind is telling him but not his heart ), while she (Roxie) couldn't take her eyes off him (Nick).
Oh well, if you haven't read this book, I say maybe its time you get a copy. Its been out since 2009 i think.
I have to return this book to my cousin soon. Maybe I'll just use Xend service to make sure it gets back to her. Btw, you can also try one of the links below. I strongly recommend them.