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June 19, 2010

A recap....

It was a long 2 and a half months for me. The most scorching summer I experienced as of the moment. The house felt like an oven. The use of air conditioning was inevitable. And the rise of electricity bill came as a shocker! Even the water bill did. They sent us triple our usual bill amount.

During those vacation time we celebrated my son's 13th Birthday, his step brother's and cousin's birthdays... Mother's day, and tomorrow father's day ...... so many reason to pig out. We made a few trips in nearby cities like Antipolo, Marikina, Tagaytay and a few visits in Manila. Eating became a burden to me not because I have a tooth ache or a stomach ache but because I see myself gaining inches and pounds each week. I have to control this soon.

We couldn't let the summer passed by without going to the pool.... so we did few times.

My baby also joined the basketball league in the village.... I forgot how it went... I wasn't paying attention when he was telling me about it. My bad!
And the endless hours playing with xbox games and facebook apps. Sometimes we fought over as to who will use the pc and who will use the laptop. Things were uncontrollable... he is unstoppable. Just like his Mom. :P

So many things to be grateful for.... So many things to thank God for... his blessings to my family this first quarter of the year has been enormous. Maybe because our house became clutter free right after the flood. It made us throw away things we do not need anymore...and so now were given so much blessings again so we can accumulate another batch of clutters.:p That's a NO. Actually we don't consider those as clutters, but mem'ries of the past .... admittedly...when they were thrown away, even if I don't want to... i felt like it is much easier to breath now. There's only one more clutter left to deal with... soon...

How's your summer vacation went? Hoping to hear from you....

*photo is not mine but i kinda like what is written on it...let me share.