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June 4, 2011

I was entertained by a panda!

My feet were itching to go out earlier, there's this feeling of boredom that struck me and  not even playing on Facebook game applications nor karaoke singing could ease it out. And I know myself, I had to give in to this. Or there will be lots and lots of irritation over minor things  and yelling over simple stuff that I might find infuriating just because I didn't remove myself in my safe zone area. It doesn't happen all the time so there's really no need to pass judgement. I mean, we all need to go out sometimes... see other living creatures roaming the planet. Yeah, I have to admit that Ive been living a life that some people might think is unhealthy. I'm basically online all the time... my business is there, my friends and family are online too, if not, I am minding my store, or minding the house and the people that lives inside it. Well life now has lots of dead hours.... I play games on fb, I sleep late at night cuz that was the time I watch my fave soap or cable movies, these are some of the things I do to pass the time. I gotta do something that interest me or Id rather be dead.

Today is nothing special. Just that I felt I really need to get out there. So, I did. Only to do something familiar again. Ha!  I watched Kung Fu Panda 2 (3D) at Eastwood Mall Cinema 6. I cant believe, I did the same exact thing (watch!), only that it was in a different place. I am with lots of people doing the same thing, laughing together, sipping sodas and munching on our pop corns. Mine was butter flavor with extra salt in it. I finished the big bucket without any help, surprisingly. I'm that hungry?

Last night, I was able to watch the first sequel of this movie. So, today wasn't hard for me to piece the story together. I think it's a good idea to do it that way. Watch the earlier sequel of the movie again before watching the most recent ones. I think its hard to follow a given story when you missed a part, right?. 

I had to watch Kung Fu Panda in 3D for better graphics enjoyment.Expensive. Entertaining. Amazing movie. This was funnier than the first Kung Fu Panda, me thinks. Obviously Po was adopted. Did you really think that bird was his biological parent? lol. I won't tell how the story goes but if you insist...let me just share this link ---> click KUNG FU PANDA 2 I totally agree with the reviews he made for this movie.

Word for the day: Inner Peace. You will find the significance of that word from that movie. And how it touches me is hard to explain now.All  I knew is that I need to have it. I gotta search for my own inner peace. I know that not many finds them ... Sometimes  I have them, sometimes I don't. I gotta focus. At this moment... I must admit... its hard to have it back. But at least I know, that once I got the answer... I'll be able to move on and have my peace back. I know I sounded like I'm talking nonsense at this point... but let me be. Enjoy your weekend peeps!

June 1, 2011

First Day of June... Dreamy!

I got up quickly today, as if there were really important things to do. I smell "BACK TO SCHOOL" getting nearer. I'm actually trying to train myself to get back in waking up early since school days will be here soon. Also, when breakfast was over I rummage through my sons stuff last year. Found a lot of things he can still use this year i.e: bond paper, art paper, pens, pencil, water color, folders, brown envelope etc.....

 All I have to do is tidy them up so I can  save some money, for I don't have to buy those stuff he has. I had to junk his test and quizzes, esp the ones that didn't receive a satisfactory grade... and kept the ones he scored perfectly. As I was looking at low scored quizzes and test again, I kinda felt I have to supervise him  closely this time. Admittedly I think he can do better . And the reason I kept those test he scored high is because I will show it to him, so he will be inspired, and in his mind the thought of perseverance, diligence, hard work and aiming for the best will be inculcated. I want him to be able to have the chance to become the best he can be someday. I stopped dreaming for myself I guess, but now I dream for him. And I hope he dreams big for himself...much bigger than what I have ever dreamed of, that he could achieve. Someday I wanted to see him working in an office environment, or flying a commercial plane. Having his own family, living in his own house, with his own car and the wife doesn't need to work so she can closely monitor their kids... and can also take care of my son. And my son would be able to take care of his wife and give her anything her hearts desires. A family that truly cares for each other. A family of his own.

Talking about family... I'm sure a lot of couples had made plans of being a June bride/ groom this year. I just hope there wont be any storms. For If It was me I wouldn't dare to choose this month... I wanted to be a January bride. My dream wedding would be in a beach. My color theme would definitely be Beige and Gold. I would definitely want things to be elegant and simple at the same time. The dress I would love to wear is something close to this: WEDDING DRESS :P but made locally. It would be an intimate wedding. Where only close family and friends would be invited. My ideal honeymoon venue would be in Paris. Not necessarily tho... only if my groom and I have the resources. The important thing here is to be flexible.

I was wondering when that BIG event would be... or will it ever occur... Im not saying I wanted it to happen or even longing for it to happen... but if it does... you'll know. :P Some dream huh!

Now what are my plans for June month?
I would love to write it down, but my time won't permit.   So until next blog.

For now let's try and live life to the fullest, regardless of what month, season or situation.