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July 16, 2014

Typhoon Glenda hits the Philippines

8:21 AM-
A day before, we were warned- tv news, social networks, radios. Typhoon Glenda will be as strong as Typhoon Milenyo that devastated the country some years back. In anticipation we tried to at least prepare some of the basics- candle, flashlights, water, canned foods, bread, etc... We were able to cook rice, heat up the adobo we prepared last night. I hope it would be enough till the storm passes. 

As I write this, strong winds rolling and making noises. Disturbing all that it passes through. Roofs cranking, windows closes and opens, the door slamming, Mabolo fruits falling from its tree and on our roof, leaves and branches scattered on our garage that even the koi pond looked like a mess because of it. I can hear stuff left outside falling down.  I checked the office, corner ceiling has leak.... Now am worried. No, actually I'm scared. The trauma feeling of Typhoon Ondoy is back. Electricity went out, it seems that  the cable was hit by a  tree that broke off and fell to the ground making the street un-passable. It's dangerous to go out... I won't. 

Listening over the radio, I heard evacuations are on going from affected areas. I began to worry about my brother and sister and their families. I thought of my relatives and friends. I hope they are in a safe place. I'm worried about the floods,  if there would be. For now my family and I are safe.

Photos below : the damage caused by Glenda in our house 
and streets nearby.