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September 27, 2008


This is the first time I ever let a snake be real close like this to me... (i was too scared) but I decided to give it a try just to test my limits... the trainer or handler assured me twas safe...so I did anyway. I was screamin... and couldnt last three minutes...just enough time to take a pic... its a total weird feeling cuz i can feel his body crunching as it moves....they told me to touch the head and it faced me ...i saw his tongue and i was really scared.... i know im blushing bigtime and my stomach felt sick... but its worth a try.... at least i know how it felt.... 

I think Snakes are a very pitiful creatures of all... they don't have feet and arms just like other creatures. They cant run when there's a sight of danger...but crawl on their way to escape....Isn't that hard to do?
Come to think of it, people who are called a "SNAKE" wouldn't be called " it" for no reason.... those who have the SNAKE characteristics do much like what a snake does... crawl up, sneak up,etc... always discreet, but no one can hide things for too long.... Have u seen a SNAKE caught in the act?.....Go figure!

September 26, 2008

Taste of Bacolod

When one talks about Bacolod, the first thing that comes to mind is.... Chicken Inasal!!! They are so known for it. Bacolod is the capital and the largest city in the province of Negros Occidental. It has a total population of 499,497 as of August 1,2007. Considered as the most populous city in Western Visayas Region.

So, what's the reason for going there? My boyfriend has to attend a convention meeting. So, I packed the things needed for this trip. While inside the plane he took some snaps using my A580 Canon digital Camera.

See the clouds? I wonder how it feels to be able to touch the clouds with my bare hands....

Look how tiny the world looks from up there!

Finally here comes the destination...At the airport Lobby people seems to be rushing about, some still figuring out what window is next or where to go.If you're not going to be brave enough to ask for direction you'll be late with your appointments.

Fetched by a group of men with police escorts made me realize the importance of my boyfriend's presence in there, with police escorts?hello! But I don't want too much attention like that. It's not something Im used to have. When you're in one of that car being escorted by those police riding that motorcycle... you'll feel like a celebrity. Some would enjoy it... i think what I would enjoy is the ride without having to deal with long bumper to bumper traffic....


Its just a newly opened hotel... so everything does look new and very very clean and soooo inviting!








After taking the shots, its time to deal what we came here for. The Conference. Everyone was following what was on the program. Some members were too busy talking to each other whenever somebody would go up in the stage to talk and sounded a bit boring. I confessed that I wasn't paying that much attention too. :P

The intermission number on that CONFERENCE HALL reminded me of my youth. I used to dance for the school program back then. This was the part where you'd get a "wake up" your senses feel after a long boring speech. :P






After the conference meeting which lasted till midnight, everyone was waiting to be able to rest their backs finally in bed. Since it was attended by more than a thousand participants everyone shares a room. The next day was spent on another agenda .

The real treat for me were the take home goodies!! It's not free but what's traveling to distant places if you're not going to bring home something that you can share to the people you'll come home to?
Here are my take home goodies:
Dried squid, danggit, and dilis.

Tarts,meringues,piyaya,tablea, banana chips etc...

These are the things I like about going to places... next stop? I don't know yet!
But I wanted it to be more closer to nature.....

Till next post. Have a great day to all!

September 25, 2008


I'm sure everybody heard the news about MELAMINE on candies and milk products from China, or any kinds of food made out of dairy and milk products. Here In my country , I'm just so glad our government acted on it at once.

BFAD ordered a ban for importing milk products from China. But you know how stubborn some people are. I'm sure there will be some who would still sneak and sell those to uninformed public...esp the poor who doesn't have access to information like me.

I'm just a little sad because I think our government agency who are in-charge of screening or testing products being imported should do their job before those products set foot in my country.
Same goes to Chinese Government, I hope they would be more careful in allowing products that will be exported to other countries to preserve good relationship!

YES... you heard me... I think they should have done this "before" not "after" those products were even shipped here. Imagine how much money invested on those? and now everything is put on hold unless all these testings are made and done with.

Its just  so upsetting , because the people ( which in this case Philippine government) were supposed to protect the interest of the buying public, what were they doing with those taxes paid to them?  Hmmm, sitting, sleeping and gossiping in their office?possible isn't it?

Isn't it disgusting to know that "SOME" of these Chinese Manufacturer continued producing products like these...putting ingredients that can cause damage to health, they aren't even thinking of how it will affect their costumer/consumer... Is this  the same reason why their labor is cheap? Is it because they don't pay for design royalty that's why everything is imitation of what is now POPULAR in the market?  and now the MILK SCARE which killed 4 of their own people and 50,000 more who had been reported ill.... and most were babies... those poor children! ( I only aid SOME and not EVERYONE ...) If u think its you I'm talking about then maybe its YOU!Shouldn't you at least do something about it and think of other people's welfare and not just your earnings here?

 If I were the president of my country I'll ban the  Chinese Manufacturer and Supplier that engaged in trading good as JUNK products here in my country. We are not pigs to eat your dirt. We are humans too... just like you.

... that's my two cent worth... let's hear yours...




Breaking News:
Philippines Health Authority Warning: All men are advised not to suck China girl's breasts as the milk may contain melamine!"

GOD made Heaven and Earth and all creatures and things that surrounds it.. but everything else...MADE IN CHINA :(

May 24, 2008

My Condolences....

.........To those families grieving In China and Myanmar...my condolences.... Believe me, these were devastating to know.

Whom doesnt know about this tragedy?

Tragedy after tragedy in just a snap of a finger...my heart is crying, and I couldn't watch it... i couldnt even look at them on tv... its beyond imaginable!

Natural Disaster that killed more than 40 thousand people (Myanmar and 51 thousand and counting in China).... if my figure is right... I can imagine how many children were included... those helpless kids .... why did all these happen?

Is this some kind of a curse? karma? or the effect of neglect to our nature.....
More likely!And if we continue neglecting our responsibility to Mother Earth, not just calamities like these are going to kill our children... and who can protect them?

 Excuses excuses! Everything in this world is link to each other... cause and effect.... nobody to blame but ourselves... and lets not start pointing fingers! Lets just do what we can to help... REACT positively... I know some of you are living a life that feels like no meaning at all...here is your chance to put meaning back into your life... stop doubting... REACT and see what it leads to... our lack of sensitivity is the PROBLEM itself. Make a difference!

The same reason why we are all here... to love one another, to care for each other, not to trample nor to outsmart...but to HELP.

So many people are asking for HELP because they just dont have means...they just cant do it alone... and yet it only pass through deaf ears...

If anyone of u who has means... Dont hesitate to donate. And to those who only have enough to feed their families ...your PRAYER is more than enough. And just do whatever you can to recycle and not contribute with the EARTH's destruction.

To the people of CHINA and MYANMAR....May God give u hope...in the midst of all these. I know how it feels... believe me I know.

And to u who doesnt know, who doesnt care...may these tragedy never happen to u!

May 13, 2008

Double Celebration- Son's Birthday and Mother's Day


Here are the pics that I promised to post...

May 11th, marked my son's 11th birthday and 11 years of love and pain we shared together. But this year its kinda unique coz on his birthday was also a date where MOM's like me were being recognized for our hardwork and job well done in taking care of the family and their welfare. Not only that... as a daughter I was able to put emphasize on showing my MOM how grateful I am to her too... Id like to share with all these pics I took during the said occasion.

Seeing my son happy on his special day is more than a gift anyone can give me... and because I knew he was so happy... that alone made this Mother's day celebration a Happy one for me!

May 4, 2008


A lot of people are asking for this RECIPE.... That is the reason I wanted to share mine.  This is one of the most famous food available in the Philippines and its everywhere...But very few will actually give you the right recipe for it. ;) But I will!


1/2 kilo beef brisket or camto boiled until tender ( about 1 1/2 hour depending on the thickness of the meat...preferably slow cooked, reserve the broth)

1/4 cup soy sauce
1 tsp black pepper
1/4 cup sugar

For Sauteing:
2 tbsp ginger
1 cloves garlic crushed
1 medium size onion chopped

4 cups beef broth
2 pieces star anise
sesame seeds or oil (optional)
1 - tsp flour (optional )

Boil meat until tender, reserve the broth.
Marinate the tender beef brisket on the marinade ingredients for 30 minutes.... Set aside.
 After 30 minutes or so...

Saute ginger, garlic and onion ... while doing this ... drain the meat from its marinade, put them in the pan and saute for 5 to 10 minutes... till it dries up and its just oil sizzling the meat...
 Pour the beef broth and let simmer. About 15 minutes. Put the remaining  soy sauce marinade and simmer for another 5 minutes. Put 1-2 pcs of star anise... simmer some more... check your meat. When the meat is very tender dissolve the flour in 1/4 cup water then mix this gradually to the simmering beef while stirring to avoid forming lumps( Do this only if u want the sauce to be  a bit thick.) Let simmer until flour taste is gone. 
Season according to your taste. If u want it to be more sweet u can always add additional sugar . That's it! This will taste better the next day folks...

Why is this called BEEF PARES?

Pares literally means "PAIR"... because this meat dish is best served warm with fried rice   ( i liked mine with lots of toasted garlic and spring onions on top) and beef soup   (i like mine spicy so i preferred it with chili garlic oil.)

How to make beef soup?

Using some of the reserved broth u can modify the taste by using beef cubes, some black pepper and salt to taste... let simmer....and put some spring onion on top... and while its hot serve immediately...

May 1, 2008

Bataan Trip....

Foggy and green... this is what u can see at the shrine

Mt. Samat, Bataan

Raven Resort



No i didnt go there personally but seeing all these pics felt like I was there too. Soon i wanted to see this particular place. Y?

My family happen to live here back when I was still a small girl( my mom and dad used to tell us stories of how our life was ) . My father used to work in the now Mothballed Bataan Nuclear Powerplant and he has to bring us all there...it was just me, my brother jeriko, my mom and dad~ my other two siblings wasnt born yet then ...we used to play in the beach and we had native friends who trade a newly hunted animals for a canned sardines...lolz! And we had lots of sardines with us..
.... this is my main reason why i wanted to see this place again.... especially the water... I knew and can still recall that we live near the water... its still vivid in my memories how the water reached my feet ...and it was sunset....

The resort you see in the pics above is called Raven Resort ... u can find it in Abucay, Bataan. Tho the place is far from the city and yet it was jam packed with travellers . But located in the superhghway so its still accesible.

A friend of mine said some bad and good things about the resort... that it has a weak water supply, the rooms are fairly clean but one of the comfort room that our family friends stayed at she complained has lizard poo..eiwz...lolz! Im not trying to be mean okay... just telling what i heard... i mean if ur the person who wanted to spend money on something would u not want to at least enjoy it? So I say this is Not good for people who are accustomed to staying in a five star hotel when travelling. The aircon? they are kind enough to uninstall it to replace with a better one twice...cuz its not functioning well... too bad their stay isnt much for them to know why the place is frequented by many people... is it because they dont have much choice?lolz! Well I hope not...

April 26, 2008

Why A Father Image is so IMPORTANT!

Parenting....About Teens

Fathering a teenager is an extremely important and complex experience. Teens have to learn to cope with their changing roles, moods, and body, and fathers have to learn how to manage and nurture the changing child.

Research shows that teenagers are more likely to reach their full potential when fathers are actively engaged as involved positive role models, guiding and supporting them on their journey from adolescence to adulthood.

Being a teenager isnt easy. At one moment, they are testing limits and experimenting with independence. The next, they are seeking closeness and reassurance from their parents that they are valued members of the family.

Teens can also experience great loneliness, and at the same time intense peer activity and pressure to expand personal relationships and develop positive self esteem.

Studies show that children with little or no contact with their fathers are more likely to drop out of school and become involved in drug and alcohol abuse; girls are more likely to become pregnant as teens and boys are more likely to become involved in crime and violence.

How To stay CONNECTED...

Show an interest in what they are doing- at school and out of school.

Do things with them-establish a regular routine- from helping with homework to watching and playing sports together, taking them to see a movie, going to a play, or a hike, or out to eat.

Be available and responsive when they want to talk about good, the bad. Or the sad. Don't say "in just a minute" or" not right now".Frequently ask your child about his life, and the lives of their friends. Know what fashions, music, television, and movies interest them. Foster their courage, integrity, leadership, curiousity, and concern. Be consistent, involved, aware and nurturing!

Be a proud parent, a friend, and a confidante.

Are U helping your KIDS?

Parents have a concrete responsibility with respect to the studies of their children.
There are many parents like me who are worried about the studies of their children only when they receive their grades from their school, or show interest only in the results of their studies without finding out why and how these came about. Some other parents get in touch with the professors only when their children flunk in the examinations. In fact most parents believe that the matter of their children's studies is the exclusive responsibilty of the professors. No its not. Because even in reputable school or institutions where the students are studious and intelligent, the parents, who may not have had the time nor the benefits of a college education, should play a vital role in their children's studies for the simple fact that the children cannot be entirely separated from school. The children spend almost the whole day in the classroom to learn and it would be senseless for the parents not to be directly involved in this all consuming activity. Most of the satisfactions, preoccupations, difficulties, interests and acquaintances of the children are acquired during their student life. That is why a child cannot be assessed without taking into account his behaviour in school. Decidedly, he cannot be understood and educated if his life as a student is not considered.
The parents who do not keep track of the studies of their children are missing many opportunities to know and understand them, or to render them assistance in many specific ways. This is precisely one of the accusations of adolescent children against their parents. "They are living in their own world and do not know our interests and problems," they claim.
Education does not come from a vacuum- it is acquired only through hard work.
The parents should realize that the scholastic work of their children at home and outside of it is aimed at developing many human virtues. If the children are taught to perform worthwhile tasks, they will become industrious, orderly, responsible and diligent. The parents are primarily responsible for their children's education. They are the first educators of their children.
The parents should complement the work of the professors from a different angle but with the same objectives. The preparation of the lessons is made at home precisely where the children need more help and guidance.
Their studies should be observed day by day to find out the difficulties being encountered, whether they have the necessary motivation to study, and whether they are making good use of their time. The children should be encouraged to have more interest, to be more constant and to improve their methods of study.
To wait for the arrival of the ratings of the children before showing any concern for their studies is highly inadvisable. Because we parents are no longer in any position to influence the attitudes of our children, nor will they understand the meaning of those grades. This practice of not following up our children's learning process, is an evidence that we are only interested in our kids who pass the examinations successfully and who obtaines a remarkable and excelllent grades. There is no appreciation for the efforts that went into them. Thus the task of encouraging the children to be more studious is more difficult. It is likely that our kids might develop negative attitudes especially when they find themselves misunderstood and misguided.To be worried only when our kids flunked is even worse. Besides committing the injustice of not appreciating what has been done well by them, there is also the negative relationship between the parents and the children, brought about by the bad grades, creating an atmosphere which is not at all favorable to the studying that has to be made at home.

I hope this info helps. Have a nice bonding day to u and your kids... Till next post!

"Maintain a CLEAN house"

Internet Cafe's Not allowed to places near School...

Here in Manila ...i guess not in every places in the country... they implemented a rule not allowing Internet Cafes to operate in places near school. Or they have a sort of like TIME that they wont allow students going inside these establishments... to discourage students from going to cafes on school hour.

I think this is good...as a lot of students are hooked on computer nowadays and their grades might be affected if they are spending most of their time on internet cafes. Spending their allowances there.... i knew some kids in the neighborhood who does things like that. Not only that they spend their allowances there but also had an ulcer for not eating on lunch hour, and their grades were badly affected coz they often cut classes.

These kids must be taught really hard how important for them to study. I dont have anything against computers, gaming, internet...but Im just worried about these kids. And imagine the money their parents spent for them each year. To think these kids are rich and can afford... but they dont like schooling at all.

So many kids on the street couldnt even afford to go even to public school and here they are the so callled rich kids.. spending their school time at cafes.

Some parents doesnt allow their kids at home to use the pc.... or limits the time of use....and its the reason these kids sneak up in school. Absent or cuts classes.

Anyway...this is also the reason why some key cities here in Manila has this ordinance ...and hopefully Internet Cafe owners will be responsible enough....not just mind only the money coming inside their pockets. I wonder if they have ordinances like these in another country.


Parents watch out.... they said PREVENTION is always better than CURE!

April 25, 2008

I didnt get enough Sleep last night...

Its so humid and HOT....sure an effect of GLOBAL WARMING... imagine all my windows are open...i wasnt worried about mosquitoe bites cuz my windows are screened. My son was with me in bed, i watched tv, tossed and turned, i am tempted to open the aircon...but i declined...its not an energy saving type...lolz! Wearing my most comfy clothes at nite...i made myself some MILO drink which actually helps me relax. I was dead tired last night but couldnt sleep at all... its like the opposite of what people expect when u are tired u shouldnt have a hard time sleeping right?? Finally around 2 i guess I made it.... and woke up around 9 am...yikes!Kutz was out of bed... i was all alone...

anyway my day today is pretty ok... chatted with some of my closest friends... oh yeah it rained a while back... bad for my business cuz I serve cold snax... yay!

i told u to not forget to close the tv when u are off to bed...

April 24, 2008


(I copied this from my other SITE... Yahoo is acting weird these days so I am planning to put some of my post there in here... suppose to be ...I should write in TAGALOG... so in short this ONE is for those who dont speak and understand what I am saying.... )

We are on a CRISIS. The signs are all there that if no one acts upon this problem OUR SONS AND DAUGHTERS will suffer from all our damages. Global Warming is a BIG Issue.
US and Australian government should listen too... I heard US initiated the studies and yet they are the ones who least supported the campaign against CLIMATE CHANGE together with Australia.WHY? Because majority of the industries of US and Australia will be affected should they decide to support/ sign the agreement on CLIMATE CHANGE. A lot of their industries causes greenhouse effect and their economy depends on it."I know your salary depends on it.... but there is another way.They should start initiating some changes with those industries that causes all these damages .
If you have watched the INCONVENIENT TRUTH.... you will realize how much damage this generation has on EARTH. And statistics shows a very disturbing result.
If u are a child...tell your parents not to destroy the EARTH. If you are a high ranking official... and your in the position...why not use your position to do what is right? Lets go hand in hand ....save this PLANET... We need GREAT LEADERS... we need people who cares...
Lets plant more trees- for every ten trees you planted...you'll sequester one vehicle that emits carbon dioxide.
Lets use appliances that has CFC or those that are environment friendly.
We have to find ways on how not to be dependent on fossil fuel...
I heard they are now manufacturing hybrid cars. Lets hope that there will be a lot of people like them...
Changing incandescent bulb to cfl.
These are but a few... If we would just take a little effort to observe whats going on around us.
Efforts have been made to block such MOVES to save the EARTH... because billions of money are at stake...but what these people doesnt realize is those money are nothing if the EARTH is GONE. ...
Thanks to the People who made the DOCUMENTARIES... I dont mind buying DVD's that i can proudly show my son to watch and learn ... its worth every cent...

DEATH PENALTY for parents who neglects children!!!

So many street children , uneducated, malnourished, un -sheltered, sick and dying... no help is coming their way. Too bad. Its breaking my heart into million pieces whenever I see one.

And I'm telling you that each time I do see one, a part of me is furious to the parents of these kids. 

Why? Its because you didn't plan your family!!!... making children isn't a HOBBY... its a BIG responsibility that you will carry as a parent. If you can't support a big family... DON'T make ONE! Okay you are entitled to have a family so I suggest limit the numbers. Common sense dictates that while it feels good when you're in the act of baby making, you also need to understand that its a big responsibility! You don't just make one and leave everything  to chance. Neglecting our responsibility as a parent deserve some major punishment like death penalty!!! :P  like for example-  a child was seen in the street selling cigarettes instead of going to school, punish the parent at once! don't we have laws about it yet?

It's always the poor and the "uneducated"  who were  prone to abuse...because they can be talked to do things they didn't realize were wrong...

Not trying to belittle anyone here... but isn't it that the cause of hunger from within a home started on over populating the house and eventually the world? Producing off springs you don't even know if you would be able to feed? that's why we have snatchers, hookers,  drug addicts, these are the types of people being produced. People who has to go out and do bad things in the society in order to eat. To buy medicine for their sick loved ones. Children whom we weren't able to give utmost care, nourish and feed well, educate and clothe decently, these were the same children who will soon become the easy target of immoral jobs.Think about it...

Dont forget that after u use the pc....turn off the power supply and also those that are on standby mode... it cuts electricity cost and helps decrease use of fossil energy... now u know!


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