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November 20, 2014

Tips on How to Prepare for Mid Year Review- In General Terms

           Self assess your performance

The Club Performance process includes mandatory mid-year reviews with an emphasis on self/ club assessment. Prior to your Mid-year Review meeting with the Executive Committee you should prepare a self assessment of your performance, and a proposed indicative rating, taking account of:

    --The "What" (delivery of objectives) and

   --The "How" (demonstration of behaviours, competencies and values) with equal weighting using the “performance wave”.

         Prepare examples of your performance

    Prepare examples of your performance against objectives and how you have demonstrated the required competencies and behaviours to bring to the mid-year meeting. A reasonable period of time for preparation should be considered.

       Prepare an indicative performance rating

    You should prepare to discuss your self assessment and your proposal for your indicative performance rating with your Club. This is only an indicative rating and does not guarantee the final performance rating at the end of the year.

 This is why it is important that arrangements for regular performance discussions are made. Regular discussions should ensure that there are no surprises at the final end-of-year discussion.

         Checklist for your review!

Your mid-year review should cover six areas:

1.Performance – the “what” delivery of objectives and the “how” demonstrating behaviours, competencies and values of their performance.

2.Giving and seeking feedback.

3.Support and coaching for development needed.

4.A brief summary of what was discussed and agreed.

5.The indicative rating.

6.Next steps – a review of current objectives and agreement of any amendments (as necessary).

 More suggestions:

For Comprehensive Report:

*Avoid cramming. Preparation time is a must.
*Gather all documents,  supplemental photos to be used.
*Use the GUIDELINES Prepared by the District Secretary for the MID YEAR REVIEW 2015

For Oral Presentation:
*Allot at least 2 weeks to prepare. 
*For your presentation Use MS POWERPOINT 1997-2003 only.
   - Save and Submit  3 copies on  DVD+R
*Timing your Power point presentation  is essential. 5 minutes max. only

Source: http://www.pcs.org.uk/download.cfm?docid=AC3E30A9-8695-4C18-82E29073CAEE9C9D