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July 9, 2015

I am a Rotarian and a Club President

Aha! Who would have thought Id be joining and become club president for that matter? A full time Mom, a jack of all trade, a proffessional singer who gave up the only job that helped her feed her family because of love for one man, who didnt even finish her college education because of unavoidable circumstances. Joining is one thing but to lead a Rotary Club in a District is another. 
The position I have now is something that I did not seek. It was given to me. I am elected by the majority. 
It is true then that It is the position that seeks the man not the other way around.

Why did these people voted for me? 
What do they expect?
Some say I am capable, I have the charm and I have a sense of responsibilty to lead the club to better position. 
Sometimes you dont see what others can see in you. But why waste time asking question WHY? You just have to believe that what they saw exists in you and just DO IT. Confidence I lack but the Spirit and the Drive to proceed... I have. I am motivated and thats all I needed to finish a task. 

In Rotary we have this code of conduct. 
The 4 Way Test in things we do, say, or think:
Is It The Truth?
Is it Fair to all Concerned?
Will it build Goodwill and Better Frienships?
Will it be Beneficial to ALL concerned.

In Rotary we always say Service Above Self! And we try our best to have an action plan to render service to our community. 
In Rotary we gained so many friends we can possibly have. 
In Rotary The possibility to expand our business networks are endless. 
Finally, In Rotary we have a sense of fulfilment, belonging and continuous learning so rapidly you will reach your full potential as a person and as a World Class Leader.... A World Class Gift to the World!  Share your Gifts- Talent, Time and Treasure. Be a Rotarian! 
Ask me how.