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July 13, 2012

Dolphy as Philippine National Artist

If you want him to be recognized as a National Artist then you should visit http://www.change.org/dolphy to make that move. Its just A little push to those in charge of the whole process. I am compelled to do this because I believe that Dolphy deserves the highest recognition. It is long overdue. It's

July 7, 2012

REVIEW: ANEW Revitalizing Day Cream

It's been a while since I last used creams on my face. I have a very sensitive skin and got turned off by almost all beauty products out there. But this one is a great product that actually makes your skin soft and visible result is seen in just 3 weeks . I put it after I used other stuff which I'll review too in the next few days or just when time permits.

Like any products I've tried I always do a skin allergy test first. I try putting on the skin just below the earlobe and wait for 24 hours to see if my sensitive skin would react differently to it. If it does I would totally stop right there .

This Anew revitalizing day cream is the
4th step in my beauty regimen. I have 5 steps to follow regularly. But sometimes it's only 4. So after this step I let it sit for 30 minutes then I put make up. But on normal days it is the only thing that touches my face the whole day. I use it once daily. The cream is rich and easy to glide without the sticky feel and it has SPF25 which is why I gave it a 5 stars! It moisturizes and protect my face. I been using the product for nearly a month now and it doesn't cause breakouts. I love it!

Price: Fair
Packaging: classy
Texture and feel: I love the smoothness it brings to my face
Result: smooth, bright and revitalized skin!
Recommendation: try it and see the result to your skin!

June 22, 2012

Meebo Messenger Retiring on July 11,2012

Hello Readers!
I have something important to share with you. The following letter was sent to my email the other day and as a Meebo user any changes that may arise I gotta be informed. On that note I'll try to see if I could also find the time to download my chat archives there. Why?

Here's what the email contains:

"You may have heard the news recently that Google has acquired Meebo.

The Meebo Bar for site publishers will continue to be available and will see continued improvements and new features in the weeks and months ahead.

However, as part of this transition, Meebo Messenger will be retired on July 11, 2012.

As a past Messenger user, we wanted you to know that until July 11 you can download your archived Messenger chat logs. Log into your account on Meebo Messenger for a download link. Please act soon — after July 11, chat archives will be deleted.

If you don't want to retrieve your chat logs, no action needs to be taken.

This is a one-time courtesy email to let you know about the upcoming changes and the availability of your chat logs for download; there is no need to unsubscribe.

Thank you for being a part of the Meebo community. The team here has loved every minute of the past seven years, and we're honored that you chose to trust Meebo as a place to have conversations with friends, family and colleagues. As we turn our attention to a new chapter, joining forces with the Google+ team, we look back with great appreciation to everyone who used and loved Meebo Messenger along the way.

Sandy, Seth, and the Meebo Team"

This is what I have to say:

Dear Meebo,
It's okay! It's all good! And Thanks Meebo for the wonderful service you done. You made my chat experience easier and for me it is greatly appreciated. Go ahead make some improvements, Im sure it was something that was well thought of. So yes... Good luck to Meebo and G+! Continue the great work and may all your plans succeed! Thank you!

June 7, 2012

Pacquiao VS Bradley Buffet Promo June 10,2012

Looking for a place that offers buffet and will let you watch the boxing match? Here's some places that I can recommend:

Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay - 578.00/person

Dad's Saisaki Kamayan-995.00
Buffet breakfast and lunch with unlimited drinks!

Sambokojin-6,000.00 per table good for 6 person. Buffet breakfast and lunch! Unlimited drinks!

Hotel Rembrandt P750.00/person for lunch buffet plus two bottles of San Mig Light or Ice Tea at Grand Ballroom

Hotel H2o-999.00/person limited First come first serve basis

Sofitel Philippine Plaza- 960.00

For a much comprehensive list click the following link:


June 4, 2012

First Day of School

I can't believe I overslept for one hour at the first day of school. Of all days! I forgot to sound my alarm(an excuse lol). Fortunately, my nephew has to be in school before 10:00 am so I had couple more hours to prepare... Breakfast and packed lunch. For 4 adults and 2 kids including my son. After all the rush, I offered to bring my nephew to school since Mom has to be in the store before 10.

My nephew was excited and I felt it. We arrived at the school 15 minutes before the gate opened. So we waited.

Finally the gate had opened, and everyone excitedly went inside. Check out the photos I took!

We went up to 4th floor at the left side of the building and brought him to his room.

 He belongs to section 8. Then I left.

This is a beautiful day! Wishing all students to have a fabulous first day in school!!

June 2, 2012

Clean Up time!

Today I had the chance to clean the entire kitchen including the cabinet and what's in it. Unfortunately, It's also the time for realizing how my kitchen was treated very badly by the same people I paid just to maintain a clean house. I guess I have to accept the fact that a perfect house helper doesn't exist. Well, I will put that to rest. And hope on hiring an efficient one in the future. 

Anyway, I felt great after Im done with my kitchen! It's smelling  great now and no more oil residue on counter tops, stove and everything is in its proper place now. I took some photos so I can review where I placed my stuff next time it becomes a messy. 

Next stop? The 3 Comfort Rooms.

May 26, 2012

What does "Appendectomy" means exactly?

According to wikipedia: An appendectomy (sometimes called appendisectomy or appendicectomy) is the surgical removal of the vermiform appendix. This procedure is normally performed as an emergency procedure, when the patient is suffering from acute appendicitis. In the absence of surgical facilities, intravenous antibiotics are used to delay or avoid the onset of sepsis; it is now recognized that many cases will resolve when treated perioperatively. In some cases the appendicitis resolves completely; more often, an inflammatory mass forms around the appendix, causing transruptural flotation. This is a relative contraindication to surgery.

My son went through this last Friday around 4:30 pm May 25,2012. That morning he told me he didn't get any sleep at all. I asked why and he said his tummy was aching, at the lower right. I got worried. So I asked him to take a bath and I went to do my laundry while checking on him if his condition would be better once in a while. My son seldom complain about aches and pain so yes it was a big deal for me. I remembered I uttered a little prayer saying Please God whatever he was feeling give him the strength to overcome the pain.

It was 11 am when I decided to bring him to the clinic and have him checked . There,the doctor said I should bring him to the hospital . So I did.

It was a very long trip. He was pale and I kept praying. I was scared to death. I wished that his suffering would go away or be transferred to me instead. Was I over reacting? But he is the most precious to me. My only child and he just turned 15. He gave me nothing but happiness everyday in his own way. He is the sweetest thing on earth. All life's disappointment disappears when he hug and light up to me. No matter how mad I was at his faults it was nothing compared to the joy being with him. I love him beyond his imperfection,beyond weaknesses he showed. So am I over reacting?

Arrived at the hospital I went looking for my uncle who is a surgeon there. I was very thankful that a family were close by ... And I felt secured for I know They will lend me a hand. I told him what the problem was and After hearing my explanation he said he will have to double check and do some test... Urine and Blood . That confirmed everything.

I was interviewed by the nurse and we were advised that they will have to schedule his operation that same day. He was admitted and I felt that K got scared at the thought. But I reassured him that he will be fine.

I was not prepared when I went there .. I didn't bring any personal stuff that we'll be using while we were staying at the hospital . Good thing my cousin Anne let me borrow her fan and pillows and blanket. Personal stuff were brought by R shortly.

The operation went fine. He was convulsing, chilling and hallucinating when he went out of the Operating Room. He spoke and asked if it (operation) is done. I said yes and assured him that he will be fine. He was naked and two interns began clothing him.

They brought him to the Surgery Ward still unconscious and there he was chilling and showing different emotions. He cried and got mad, i thought something was wrong with him so I asked if that was normal. The nurse said yes. Oh, That was a relief!

I watched him for 3 nights and two days with less sleep on my part. K wasn't permitted to eat or drink anything for 24 hours. He begged for it. That was one of the hardest experience for a Mom like me. Seeing your son hungry and thirsty. One instance that I had to overcome for his own good. He got dextrose anyway.

I took some photos as well as videos to document this particular event. Some people find this weird but as a blogger and a Mom my experience could be useful to somebody else. We all learn something from unfortunate events. We learn from experience. I know that my son learned his lesson the hard way.

Then were allowed to go home Sunday afternoon. Right now K's condition is getting better. He was recovering so fast. Especially now that he's back home. Thank God for seeing us through this ordeal. I thank Him for not taking my son away. I am grateful to all my "earth Angels"... Yes for me they are. For the prayers, love and financial assistance be it in the hospital, at cyberspace, or at home... My family and friends.... I got my strength from you. Most especially to my son.

May 15, 2012


I could dance in the rain over and over again, and not feel any joy in doing so

I could sing all those soulful songs and not be moved with words

I could write so many poems and touch other people's heart and still I would keep my distance

When all these things could make you fall in love but what it brings is emptiness to my heart.

In what world such things as this could exist when once upon a time all such beauty brought nothing but gladness in me...

Nothing can satisfy this hunger and the pursuit is endless ...
Nobody I know can be my knight anymore ... Not even those in the past could do so.

For my longing has kept me empty for so long and this pursuit and even the idea of it just made me stop and just be still where I am. For it is futile.

But being still couldn't satisfy at all. Its a temporary relief. Please don't get this all wrong. It's just that the empty spaces in me can never be filled even if u tried. Never.... And this could go on forever.

May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

I didn't get a self made card from him today.... But He woke me up with a kiss on my right cheek. And he greeted me so sweetly. That's my boy I'm talking about. I am so blessed. He isn't shy to show me love ... I guess my being sweet and demanding all the time paid off. I raised a thoughtful and loving son .... I wish he won't change.

Kids are the most easy to give affection to... They reciprocate and can be taught easily. If your kid didnt grew up this way I think you aren't teaching them effectively. Don't despair. Just show them love... Make them say the "I love you" words often, the younger they start the better. Say it to them even in front of their friends... And make them respond to you,So they'll learn it is okay to express love even when other people are looking. Love isn't meant to be shared only privately ... That's what I believed in.

In celebration of Mother's day i got plenty of greetings from friends all over the world . It felt so nice . We Mother's alike shared and paid tribute to each other .

We use to say being a mother is a thankless job .... that's why they created Mother's Day. It's for you to start thanking your mother... And do it everyday... So it would be Mother's day for her everyday! Now you know... Hehehe

To all Mom's out there... Enjoy the love!
To my wonderful and kind hearted Mama... I love you so much ...Happy Mother's Day .

May 3, 2012

I got reunited with my High School BFF

Labor day
May 1,2012


One of the Best days of my life! Facebook has done it again! The two of my best-est friends way back in High School were here! Cecil and Marissa, Marissa and Cecil (lmao!)

When was the last time the three of us sat down together and talk?? Well, let me do some memory check....
Graduation day!

After that, it's either just me and Cecil,  me and Marissa or only Marissa and Cecil. Whoever was not around, we asked each other if we had some news of the one that's absent. And would update each other about our lives. I guess that's what real friends do. The concern and the caring thought for a friend remains. No matter how long they have been missing in action.

After a year of merely chatting on Facebook Messenger, talking for a few minutes on cellphone and text-ing we managed to try to schedule, plan,cancel and reschedule this meet ups again ...Now, It finally happened. I just couldn't believe it. That they were in front of me.

 So today, is the day for reminiscing. OMG! these ladies can talk for hours! hehehhehe ... I needed to wait for my turn to speak and when I got my chance they would butt in and left me all ears again. hehehe I dont mind ... I just love their company.

Marissa transformed into a clown. I said this not to belittle her or mean it in a bad way, the truth of the matter is I said this  because she made us laugh with her stories and her tactless comeback is funnier!. I love her sense of humor. The lady knows how to make fun of herself  and still exude this oozing appeal that I think everyone will love.

Cecil, is the serious type. Very motherly and conservative. Especially with regards to her daughters, very protective. I sense how a good mother she has become. She's still the same soft spoken type of a lady. And just like me she knows how to appreciate when one tries and makes her laugh.

  Both has children of their own. And with what I had observed, I think the  kids grew up well mannered and very loving.

The plan for today was to go for a swim at the Clubhouse pool at 3 PM.

 The 3 of us (Cecil, Marissa and Me!) got busy at my Kitchen. We prepared our food and stuff. While the kids were waiting, I let them use my laptop and the much younger ones watched cartoons. We had breakfast, then lunch and then we went swimming. Here's some of the snapshots!

Few minutes from arrival



no fuss

no makeups! :P



Our kids!

The day seemed short and goodbye's wasn't easy.  But all things must come to an end. And in my heart there is hope that one day we will have one more day, just like this. All I know is that the three of us will remain to be best of friends... till we're old and gray....  That's a promise we made to each other today.

April 28, 2012

Cheap way to get a tan and have fun in the Sun

Today is a great day to have fun! I don't have much money to spare for a long trip just to get some tan. I made a promise to the kids (nephew and nieces) and being an Aunt I'm not the type who enjoyed giving them disappointments. So I decided to push through with my plan the practical way!

How much fun will my 500.00 pesos be able to buy? Not much.... But it's up to me and my sister to do something for the kids .

I checked the fridge... Ideas started flowing....

I made pancit bihon , lumpiang shanghai, indian mango slices with bagoong. Bought bread, coke and took out some chips in our grocery cabinet.
Packed our swimsuits, towels,toiletries, cameras and went to the Village pool! Paid 60.00 per head and we are 7. That's 420.00! How's that for fun? Actually the fun part for me were the photo sessions! It was hard getting them off the water! Plus it was just me and my angels today at the pool. That made it feel exclusively ours for today! Here's my 500.00 worth of fun but felt like several thousand for the kids .

April 27, 2012

Kamayan Sa Palaisdaan Bay, Laguna

Hello Readers!
My family and I went to this place in Bay, Laguna called Kamayan sa Palaisdaan. Its a floating restaurant that serves delicious Filipino foods that surely fits the budget. We know how hard it is to earn money these days so we wanted to go some places but not go broke because of it. Floating restaurants are now getting famous... I think so many people are craving for that dining experience these kind of restaurants were offering.

How we got there? Here's the exact map

Going there took us about 2 hours and 30 minutes and all 9 of us inside the car, a ride that started at 10:30 A.M. made us hungry and sleepy but the goal is to reach the first 100 km using our brand new Montero Sports 2012 model. 

We arrived there feeling thirsty and some of us had to pee, so the first question we asked the receptionist at the lobby was "where is the CR?"  :))

We had our reservation and had phoned them few minutes before we arrived so we were informed  about our table number and we went there straight and ordered water, "ice cold water please" before anything else.
Then, as I looked at the menu I found out that their pricing was quite reasonable. And their menu were pretty much appealing! Since it was a Black Saturday, NO MEAT for us. Its our way of "fasting" and observing our religious practices. Food photos below were what we actually ordered.

Grilled Eggplant

Grilled Tilapia

Buco Shake
Seafood Kare- Kare

Ensaladang Manga

Ginataang  Hito
Sizzling Squid

My personal favorites were Ginataang Hito and Laing. Both dishes has a coconut cream based.They were so tasty and creamy and the fish melts in your mouth!I just love it! And the Buco shake was totally refreshing! I ordered 3 times! I can't seem to get enough!

 Down to my "UNLIKE" stuff....  I wasn't impressed with the sizzling squid and the Seafood Kare- Kare at all. I was kinda expecting a little thickness with their Seafood Kare Kare sauce and a nutty flavor to it but it didn't passed my taste bud. While the squid felt like I was chewing on a rubber band. I don't know what happened ... maybe because we arrived past lunchtime that's why their cook was maybe tired already or maybe sick? I don't know.

 So, if you are the type of person who wants to get their money's worth you'd probably go there and ask for a refund.
And when you arrived there hungry and tired you'd probably won't notice the difference between  a great tasting food and the not so good. But not with me... I always take my time chewing and savoring each dishes. Pointing out what was lacking and comparing the food from other restaurants I've been to.

I may not be so impressed with some of their dishes but the place was a HIT! They have statues there (Mariang Makiling, treasures, caves and folks from the old tales) and was worth taking pictures.

notice the rainbow!

Mariang Makiling and Me


tales to read

ooops! there's more!!! :))

rumbling tummies!

she met someone?


the old way of getting water

just someone I met! :p

what's he doing?

very Filipino entrance!

kikay pose!



floating raft

folks from the old tales

Now for the review:
5 *****
4 ****
3 ***
2 **
1 *

Place     ****
Food      ***

Price       ***