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May 22, 2010

Happy 30th Anniversary PACMAN

PACMAN the boxer?

Im not talking about Manny Pacquiao here, but the real PACMAN. I was so amazed when the browser I used for the moment (which is Google Chrome) let me have a taste of that game again by means of that Google Doodle thing. If you wanna ask me about my score- 770! And its game over!

 I still get that "too excited to figure out where to go" feeling when I play, well, most games I played give me that kind of high.Hehehe.... 
The Google Doodle has PACMAN running on its custom built maze, which has the word GOOGLE on their main design.In case a pop up like that opened up on your browser, by all means play it! It's fun, while it last. Hahaha.

 Anyway, all I want to say is that It brings back memories of those arcade games I played during my younger years. 

I know they have PACMAN for gameboy advance, the plug and play TV Video Game System, and also on Nintendo Wii, or Playstation 2,  but the thing is, I don't get to play the game anymore, not in a long time ... 

By the way, for those who doesn't know what was the original name of PACMAN, History says that it was PUCK MAN. Since its first release it was a big hit! The simplicity of the game and their cute characters attracted so many fans. It was a worldwide hit. Every year from 1980 onwards, they built different versions and upgrades on the game. All of it was loved then and now. And then there were all kinds of PACMAN memorabilia, PacMan T-shirt, hats, belts, boxer shorts, laptop skin sticker, bags and lots more. I wish I had collected them all.The rest of PACMAN's history can be found HERE.

Again Happy 30th Anniversary PACMAN!!! May you have more years to share with us!

May 17, 2010

If Venus Falls, The Moon will catch her....

May 16th, around 8 pm Manila time. A sight too beautiful to see was before our very own eyes. An unusual event where the goddess Venus looked like she was being cuddled by the mighty Moon. You could say the Moon is courting Venus or maybe telling her "I will always be here for you" to comfort you, to take care of you...to catch you when u fall...

All this wonderful expression of love was seen by the tree.... my digital camera and Me.

For some people it means good luck, some thought maybe it was the opposite of good luck,  some people took the opportunity to make a wish -for an abundant life ahead after the election, some was just amazed because just like me it was the first time they saw such an event, ....and some people just didn't believe in all the nonsense I was talking about and they instantly moved on and shrugged their shoulders thinking I am just another hopeless romantic.  I really don't care... being a hopeless romantic isn't that bad. It's actually a good thing, for me. It brings out the good side of a person. It brings out good vibes. People find you to be full of love, full of life, and full of hope.

One can always find things that are magical in the sense.... but some just don't. And for people who does.... keep it up. Be like that Moon last night....someone who will be there for someone. It could be a friend to another friend, a parent to a child or a lover to a lover. Expressing love is free. Loving somebody is a gift you can give. You just have to be creative and ready to be loved in return.

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May 12, 2010

Mom of a teenage boy?

Yes! It was OFFICIAL!
Yesterday May 11th, K celebrated his 13th birthday. He invited his friends. I told him to invite only those he is close to. Not everyone on his FB account. Some wasn't able to come.... As usual I cooked for him, rented additional tables and chairs and set it up at the garden and garage.I started cooking at 11...

I invited few of our close friends, they're like a sister to me....friends who dont give a damn who you are...we accepted each others flaws and good sides.... my son calls them Tita (aunt)... Fatty with her hubby and son Patrick ( my son's friend) and of course Michelle who went alone but in her new truck :P... and luckily one of my high school friend (Marilou) were able to make it too, together with her daughters and son. I missed them so much. And I'm really glad they made it.

Everything went out smoothly. It was just a simple celebration...no more singing of Happy birthday song ( my son's request).

I cooked carbonara, (he requested that too). The maid cooked the fried chicken and lechon kawali. We also served potato chips as appetizer, creamy fruit salad,oh there's a cake too, but no blowing of candles. We had ice cream...only that I forgot to serve it. My classmate brought a cake...as a gift. I served it during the diggin' session.There's no more games...like I said,it was just a peaceful celebration. My son was even out most of the time trying to fetch his village friends... Some of those I invited couldn't make it. Some I wanted to invite but didn't pursued because i know they have work.

Party was over at 7pm.

Sleep didn't come easy for me, my adrenalin was still high, its like my body couldn't move but my mind is drifting all the way down memory lane...mind and body not in sync.I was thinking about the High School days. Soon my son will enter High School too....and he will have more memories like the ones I have now. My only regret is that I wasn't able to capture them on camera... but my son will....I'll make sure of that.

Before my son decided to sleep that night,I asked him if he was happy... he simply said..."thanks Mom...I had a great time".

Knowing what he felt was enough for me to forget the effort I put in to make him feel special on his birthday. It's what parents do. We could' ve just watch movie but PARTY is what he likes.

May 10, 2010

I went out to VOTE

I woke up very early today. Too excited to vote, I guess. While I was in the polling area, i discreetly took some photos. Not minding the people ahead of me or even the people at the back of my line. I wanted to have something to remind me of this particular event.

I took notice too the things going on around me while I was there. There were lines for those wanting to find out what their precinct number they belong to. I already know what mine was because I inquired yesterday.

Another line for "verification", and the line where you get to have your ballot,but COMELEC REPRESENTATIVE/TEACHERS will first ask you to put your signature, give you your ballot and finally you can go inside to vote...

After choosing the candidate I went straight to the machine to surrender my ballot...it scanned the paper then waited a few seconds and the machine congratulated me and confirmed that my votes were successfully been counted. I surrendered the marker that used to shade my chosen candidate, and they asked me to put a thumb mark using my right thumb and then they drop an indelible ink on my right forefinger...

What's next? I will go out there in a while to check what's going on.... Voting doesn't end there.... My camera is ready for some action.

May 9, 2010

2010 ELECTION in the Philippines

May 10, 2010 will be another chance for filipinos to go out there and exercise their rights to vote. Another chance to make or break a country!

Here are some reminders before going out at the polling area:

* Tonight have a deep thoughts on who you think must RUN the country not who u think will most likely win,this is not a popularity contest.

* Write it down on a piece of paper so you will not forget the names. Keep it .

* Do not sell your votes, it might be the only thing that could save this country. And please VOTE WISELY! Keep in mind that we "owe" it to ourselves and to our country that's why we're going out to vote.
* You should clear now what polling precinct you belong to so tomorrow you know exactly where to go. To know your precinct number,Here's the link to the official site of COMELEC. If you cannot find what precinct you belong to you can call these numbers:
527-2772 / 527-0822 / 527-2773 / 527-0827 / 527-9365 /
527-1896 / 526-7771 / 526-7770 / 526-7769 / 527-0841

* At the precinct get a ballot and a folder. And find a chair where you can comfortably do your business. To download (pdf files) click---> SAMPLE BALLOTS

* You have to "shade" the circle just beside the corresponding name of your candidate. Make no mistake of over voting as the machine will not accept it. Make sure the ballot is free from any dirt or whatsoever as the automated machine is very sensitive.

* We are only allowed up to 10 minutes to vote so it is wise to have a copy at hand of those candidates you wish to elect.

*If you suspect that something wrong is going on in the voting area, immediately report them . Everyone has to stay vigilant and protective of their votes. Remain calm. Just try to save some evidence. Call these numbers if you know of some irregularities in your polling area: Landline: 9958729 Cellphone: for call or text/mms--> 0917-81REACT your name/ precinct number/location and complaints. Save this number now, just in case.

Automated Voting aims to have an efficient election. Fast result.
Have a safe and honest Election day!!!

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